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About Stillpoint Neurofeedback
My name is Robert Lavendusky founder of Stillpoint Neurofeedback and a NeurOptimal Certified Master Trainer with 10 years experience.  After stumbling upon biofeedback as a child a lifelong interest in mind/body connection and a love of associated disciplines was born: Meditation, Yoga, Aikido, Qigong and many types of biofeedback. I suppose it was inevitable that I would try neurofeedback as well. Originally purchased for personal use to deepen my meditation practice. I quickly noticed many other benefits of training with NeurOptimal including improved sleep and lower anxiety.  I felt called to become a NeurOptimal trainer and share this amazing technology with as many people as possible.  Our mission is to help our clients tap into their full potential by optimizing brain function.  At Stillpoint Neurofeedback our motto is "train your brain, transform your life"  Call today for more information or to schedule an appointment. 785 766-9253
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