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Imagine a technology that allows your brain to: 
see itself, change itself, optimize itself. 
Then imagine the possibilities.
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About us
Podcast interviews with Dr Valdeane Brown PhD creator of NeurOptimal.  Learn how it works, and how it is fundamentally different than traditional neurofeedback. 
Bulletproof Executive Podcast
Upgraded Ape Podcast

Robert Lavendusky, founder of Stillpoint Neurofeedback has 10 years experience in Neurofeedback and is a NeurOptimal Certified Master Trainer. Our mission is to help our clients tap into their full potential by optimizing brain function.
  better sleep  less anxiety  more focus  reduce stress  peak performance
Neurofeedback is a technology that transforms lives by optimizing brain function. We feature the state of the art NeurOptimal Dynamical Neurofeedback system.  Not a therapy but a way for the brain to get information about it's own functioning, essentially a mirror that shows the brain where it is working too hard. The brain always tries to conserve energy and operate efficiently, and thus uses the feedback information to optimize its own functioning

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